Interracial Couples Discuss Dating Stereotypes

I like this video, but why do all the couples feature a black person as a partner? Interracial dating is much more diverse than just dating a black person -which is what I intuit from the video.

As someone who has enjoyed a lot of interracial dating, what I have learned is that the experiences vary with each partner. And it’s true that it (ideally) provides a safe platform to ask questions that are deemed ignorant.

(although I did cringe a bit at the Asian woman’s comment about her partner’s drink of preference and love of a certain red fruit).


One thought on “Interracial Couples Discuss Dating Stereotypes

  1. You’re so right and I’ve noticed that also! I would love to see a varity of other races featured in this video – maybe some that are less expected or visible in the media. This video is a stereotype in itself about stereotypes, lol ironic! We should make our own video lol.


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